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When You’re Stressed – You Get Drunk Faster

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Do You Tent To Eat More When Stressed

Even if you know your limits and you stick to roughly the same amount of boozy beverages when you go out, you’ve probably noticed that there are random nights (or days) when you just get drunker than you normally do – even if you don’t drink more than usual.

It might be that you’re drinking sugary drinks, or that you didn’t eat enough that day, but it might also be that you’re stressed.

And let’s be real, sometimes when you’re stressed you’re more likely to say yes to a lil drinky poo to take the edge off.

Well, next time you grab a bottle of wine after a stressful AF day at work, or you buy a handle mid-exam weeks, you should probably be extra aware of how much you are drinking.

A study found that students’ bodies absorbed alcohol faster when they had to deal with stressful situations – like putting their hands in ice water or watching a graphic video of an eye surgery.

Thankfully, you probably don’t have to do either of those things after drinking tequila on thirsty Thursday, but still. Let’s say your ex that you’re still hung up on texts you some BS when you’re drinking, or you see some horrible shit on the news at the bar? The second situation is more likely these days, TBH, but either one of those could definitely inflict some serious adrenaline and stress.

Just a reminder to maybe take a mental check-in before boozing this weekend. Or, you know, next time you get blackout and make your friend take care of you, you can just say you were really stressed?

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