WhatsApp’s allow you to track or share your friends in real time location

WhatsApp will now give you a chance to track your friends

WhatsApp's new feature lets you track your friends in real-time but it only allowed users to share a static spot on a map.

WhatsApp will now give you a chance to track your friends

The application is getting another “live area” sharing component that enables clients to impart their area progressively to the companions they’re talking with.

Beforehand, the application had an area sharing element, yet it just enabled clients to share a static spot on a guide. Presently, when clients pick in to live area, the companions they’re visiting with can see their correct area refreshed on a guide as they move.

The element, which you can pick in to from any visit, enables others to see your correct area for fifteen minutes, 60 minutes, or eight hours on end.

That may sound unpleasant, yet WhatsApp says it’s a “straight forward and secure approach to tell individuals where you are.” It’s conclusion to-end encoded and clients can end the area sharing before the assigned day and age is finished on the off chance that they need.

Privacy aside, the idea of always-on location sharing may be unappealing for other reasons as well. GPS use can often put a big strain on battery life, which could be particularly problematic in markets where people are using lower-end or older devices. But WhatsApp product manager Zafir Khan says they paid particular attention to the feature’s impact on battery life and made several optimizations so that it wouldn’t be a huge drain, even if users were sharing location for long periods of time.

“Our engineering team spent a significant amount of time optimizing for battery usage,” Khan said, adding that factors like battery life and charging status all play a role.

“All of those things inform how often we get location updates form your device, battery is really critical.”

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