Understanding The Influence Of The Planets And The Moon On Humans

How the Planets and Stars Affect Our Life ?

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Do planets affect human behavior

We all humans have constantly realized that every one of us are distinctive and what makes us unexpected more in comparison to our physical appearance is our identity and feelings.

In the same way as other in this world, I was interested too to comprehend, not exactly why every one of us are distinctive additionally why we have diverse stages in life and the reason we don’t experience our potential.

I am neither a soothsayer nor have examined space science or science. My interest to comprehend human feelings and identities prompted perusing materials and books about zodiacs and to comprehend character qualities every zodiac speaks to.

Been a loner and consequently not that awesome at little talks, frequently my ice-breaker question to become more acquainted with somebody would be – ‘What is your zodiac ?’. This kicks me off and the discussion rolling.

Crystal gazing is viewed as one of the most established of science that trusts that we are all between associated and affected by the divine bodies – essentially the sun, moon and the planets which has significant impact on our identity, our feelings at the season of birth, as well as all through the trip of life.

How can planets millions of miles away affect humans on earth?

A common question asked by the sceptics is how can planets that are so far away from earth and with little gravity can affect humans on earth. This may not be the case in case of astrological influences. It doesn’t really matter the distance from earth where Mars is currently located. Most people believe only what they can see. Hence, there is no question raised about the sun’s effect on earth because there is no way you can miss the sun. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to see anything on earth without the sun. The sun’s effect on human emotions is also well known. What makes us happy during holidays is our exposure to sunlight.

However, the planets are very far from earth and is not visible to naked eye except for during certain period when it is closer to earth.

If distance was a reason not to believe in astrology, scientists have forgotten that their own missions on mars is capable of sending images and data back to earth through radio waves from millions of miles away from earth. If a man made little device can communicate back to earth from that distance, one can imagine the energy and the power of the planets – a creation of the infinite one that can revolve around the sun on its own and what influence it can have on people on earth.

The effect of the moon on human emotions is well known.The gravity of Jupiter helps protect us from comets.The science community and mankind in general must remember that these wonderful creations of the Almighty was not just so for man to study, visit and explore and click pictures. They exist for a reason. He is a master craftsman who has created this universe and life for a reason. Also, not every aspect of our life, the vast universe and our existence can be defined through magnetic fields, atoms and molecules.

The Power of Human Mind 

Second to the universe, perhaps, human mind is the most powerful creation of the Master of the Universe. For a human brain to research on itself is just a fraction of brain’s potential. Thoughts travel faster than light. When you are questioned about a place, your imagination has travelled to that specific location in a split second. It is so powerful yet vulnerable. Fear, anger, jealousy are some of the emotions that humans have no control of. What you become is what you think.

The planets are the guiding force of every living being on earth. Yet, human brain is so powerful that it has it has his own free will to make a choice and decisions based on wisdom gained through out his/her life’s journey on earth.

Why is it that women believe in astrology more than men?

Perhaps, women understand cycles better than men. Also, women are naturally inclined to understand emotions, moods and are very closer to nature than men. Another aspect could be that while men in younger days of life engage in sports or outdoor activities, women prefer to read books either fiction or novels which has human emotional elements and books on zodiacs and personalities is one of them.

Why a degree does not make us educated?

Majority of us go to university to earn a degree to earn a livelihood. Learning subjects of  our choice like technology, finance, accounting, marketing etc. makes us an expert in that particular subject. It does not mean we are educated enough to rubbish a discipline which was studied by people for centuries.

One must at least make an attempt to study the subject before jumping to conclusion whether there is any truth in astrology or is it just a pseudo-science or just plain myth.

The choice is yours.

What do you think?

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