Top 3 Ways To Cheat Yourself And Save For The Rainy Days

If you want to stop dipping into your emergency fund for non-emergencies or avoid coming up short month after month with little left over to fund your goals, here are some strategies to implement if you tend to not have much money leftover at the end of the month. Cheat Yourself And Save Money For The Rainy Days.

1. Become mindful of your spending.

Small purchases have a sneaky tendency of adding up to something big. Zero-dollar days help you against that. You will soon realise how little you actually need on any given day. If you can delay impulse purchases for your zero-dollar day, chances are you won’t get back to buy it the next day. And if you do, you know that happened because you really wanted it.

2. Learn to plan and cook

You will have to decide your non-spending days ahead of time, which gives you impetus to become a planner of stuff both short and long term. This also includes meals! You will make your food and store it in Tupperware. You will plan for the ingredients that you must have at hand on the day you can’t purchase any. Heck, you might start planning the week’s meals on Sundays, before the work exhaustion of the week can get to you!

3. Compete with yourself

Once you start noticing the numbers in your account go up (because of all the crazy savings), you might start asking yourself: what if I did two zero dollar days per week? That’s instant gratification working for rather than against you for once!

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