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Top 12 Points Will Make Your Life Marginally More Convenient

Life hacks are usually these small things that make your life marginally more convenient, if that. I guess that is because people spend a lot of time doing chores and other boring stuff, and want to have ways to make that stuff go faster or be more efficient. You can’t really fault them for that. We all want to have more time for ourselves, which is just fancy speak “more time for being a couch potato in front of a computer.” It’s all natural, just like watching cat videos on YouTube for three hours straight.

However, some life hacks can be really critically helpful. While most of us don’t live on the edge, there might come a time when a dangerous situation is thrust upon you. Nothing can ward you against that, it’s just the way that life is. However, these lifehacks can help you do something more helpful than assume fetal position and cry. So read this list, memorize and hopefully never use the tips here ever. We don’t really want our readers to be in danger!


Follow your instinct

If something feels wrong, then it’s your body and brain telling you that danger is near. So just follow your instincts and get away from the threat.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Follow your Instict


Stranger in a car

If a stranger gets into your car and tells you to drive, do that and drive your car into a post. Car crashes have a way of being noticeable and the kidnappers would probably be not that great at wearing seat belts.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Stranger in Car



If you don’t know any self defense, you might come to a situation where you wish you did. However, there’s something even your untrained self can do: go for the groin! The pain can be debilitating, and you need every precious second to get away and get help.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Self Defence


Strange cabs drivers

Cabs make frequent appearances in urban myths for a reason. If you feel that your driver is acting strange, call someone and tell them your location. That way, the driver will know that you have a phone and that people know where you are.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Strange Cab Drivers


Walking downstairs with hands in pockets

Don’t walk downstairs with your hands in your pockets. You never know when you might trip, and having free hands might save you from bigger traumas.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Walking down with pockets


Dirty hotel bathroom

Put rolled up tissue over the toilet in your hotel room. It might look clean, but who knows if the hotel isn’t skimping on the hygiene.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - dirty hotel bath room


Escaping a riptide

If you get into a riptide while swimming in the ocean, swim parallel to the shore. This is the most efficient way of getting back to the shore.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - escaping a riptide


Surviving a fire

Readers caught in burning buildings should get down to the floor and start crawling. There might be more oxygen down there, so you won’t pass out and burn to death.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - Surviving a fire


Walking in a parking lot at night

If alone in a parking lot at night, walk with your keys in your hands. This way you will have an easier time getting into your car and driving off.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - parking night


Texting while walking

Don’t walk and text while you’re in the streets. When you’re distracted like that, you make an easy target.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - texting while walking


Lost on a hike

If you get lost on a hike or something, first find water and shelter. Not dying of thirst and exposure is great for survival.

TimeOdd Stories - Life - lost on hike


Keys on a bedside table

Keep your car keys on the bedside table. If anyone breaks into your house, hit the panic button to activate car alarm!

TimeOdd Stories - Life - keys on bedside table

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Only some people get what they want. Those are the people who show up to get it.

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