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Startup Ulzard uses AI & neural networking can transform raw designs into actual source code

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Artificial intelligence is threatening worker’s jobs in dozens of different professions, from manufacturing and legal to banking and driving, and many more. Now, it’s time to add programming to that list. A new neural network being built by a Danish startup called Ulzard Technologies IVS has created an application that can transform raw designs of graphical user interfaces into actual source code that can be used to build them.

Company founder Tony Beltramelli has just published a research paper that reveals how it has achieved that. It uses cutting-edge machine learning technologies to create a neural network that can generate code automatically when it’s fed with screenshots of a GUI.

The Pix2Code model actually outperforms many human coders because it can create code for three separate platforms, including Android, iOS and “web-based technologies,” whereas many programmers are only able to do so for one platform. Pix2Code can create GUIs from screenshots with an accuracy of 77 percent, but that will improve as the algorithm learns more, the founder said.

Beltramelli created the following video clip that shows how his AI-powered app generates code in real-time:

Beltramelli has already shared some of the details about his technology on GitHub, and plans to make the full source code for Pix2Code available later this year.

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