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Nvidia Invests In Trucking Startup TuSimple Which Relies On Computer Vision Algorithms

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Nvidia Invests In Trucking Startup TuSimple

Nvidia has invested in autonomous truck startup TuSimple, the graphics chipmaker revealed Wednesday. TuSimple is a two-year-old startup based in China that develops technology for autonomous long-distance freight delivery.

TuSimple has already run an SAE Level 4 (true self-driving) test ride between San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona. That took place in June, spanning 200 miles and using camera data primarily to navigate the highway route. The startup has research and development facilities in both Beijing and San Diego, and more than 100 employees.

The tech used by TuSimple includes extensive HD mapping of the routes driven, as well as three millimeter-wave radar units, in addition to the camera data from eight cameras and the resulting computer vision processing it does. TuSimple says that it can achieve “centimeter-level” accuracy for truck positioning, even when driving inside a tunnel, and its in-house decision-making machine intelligence makes for safe route navigation.

TuSimple’s car tech relies on a combination of computer vision algorithms, millimeter radars and 3D HD mapping technology that can enable trucks to drive autonomously for everything but off-road operation.

The company says its millimeter-wave radar array allows for sensing distances of up to 200 meters from the vehicle, compared to the standard 80 meter distances found in LiDAR arrays.

Nvidia says TuSimple uses a bevy of NVIDIA GPUs as part of its self-driving platform. The startup has already company completed a 200-mile test drive at SAE Level 4 from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona.

“By combining NVIDIA technology with our expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence, we’re building a world-class platform that will disrupt the freight industry,” said TuSimple CTO Xiaodi Hou.

TuSimple’s latest $20 million funding round led by Chinese social media company Sina. Nvidia didn’t disclose the exact amount of its investment.

Virtually the entire auto ecosystem is developing on the Nvidia Drive PX platform and Nvidia’s software stack, the company boasts.

The new model features a type of driving assistance technology that offers ‘unprecedented’ levels of autonomy on crowded highways.

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