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Nepal Has Been Hit By The Worst Rains In The Decade And Tourist Were Rescued By Elephants

Nepal has been hit by the worst rains in the decade, and even elephants are helping out to save trapped tourists. More than 250 people have died in flooding and landslides that have hit not only Nepal, but also India and Bangladesh. Hotels are bringing in elephants to carry tourists to safety. But the people of Nepal can’t really evacuate their country. Thousands of homes have been destroyed.

“We will now focus more on rescue of those trapped in floods and relief distribution. People have nothing to eat, no clothes. So we have to provide them something to eat and save their lives,” said Nepali police spokesman Pushkar Karki. This is a hard time for a country still recovering from the huge earthquakes that killed more than 9,000 people two years ago. Meanwhile, the monsoon rains start in June and continue into September. They are vital for agriculture, but they also cause loss of life and property damage every year.

TimeOdd Stories - Nepal Rain Flood

TimeOdd Stories - Nepal Rain Flood

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