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London Gets Floating Swimming Pool – It’s looking amazing

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The latest addition to the list of Insanely-Swanky-Apartments-We-Will-Never-Be-Able-To-Afford™ comes in the shape of Ecoworld Ballymore‘s Embassy Gardens – a block of flats in South London, featuring a casual floating swimming pool.

More and more of our luxury apartment buildings in metros and even second tier towns are boasting of clubhouses and swimming pools. They cater to the ‘millenials’ who are more health conscious and believe in exercising at gyms and swimming.

This is great. However, we have perennially faced shortages and a swimming pool for each apartment building may be more than just a luxury. It could be super luxury. Enter the design of a “sky pool.” This is  reality and is coming up in the Nine Elms development in London, England. A sky swimming pool – the first in the world-will appear to float in the air 10 storeys above ground is already in the works.

The pool will be about 25 metres long, and pedestrians walking underneath the pool will be able to watch the swimmers in the pool. If this raises privacy issues designers can block this feature.

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 About the pool

The glass used to build the pool will be about 20 cm thick, with the water around 1.25 metres deep. If you aren’t planning on buying an apartment there, only residents of the building will be able to use the pool.

>Swimmers in the pool can enjoy a view of the Palace of Westminster as they practise their breast stroke.

This pool and the two apartments it connects is part of the ongoing Embassy Gardens development of Nine Elms, which will also be the site of the new American Embassy.

The swimming pool is being constructed as a “bridge” between the two apartment blocks –yes, a meeting place for the two apartment dwellers.

Prices for the apartments start at around £600,000. If that sounds expensive, 300 apartments are being billed as ‘affordable.’ The developers have agreed to give affordable housing cash to the local municipality if the scheme appreciates in the construction phase.

It is interesting to note that the local municipal councillor who has been largely quoted regarding this process is of Indian origin.

Councillor Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “Every development in Nine Elms comes with major benefits for the local community and for London.”

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