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Listed here Is What Transpires If You Try to eat Honey And Cinnamon Just about every Day.

Here Is What Happens If You Eat Honey And Cinnamon Every Day. • FaithPanda

Given that Huge Pharma makes hundreds of thousands of dollars on cancer,  it`s fully all-natural that they do all the things they can do suppress the alternative most cancers treatment plans, which are efficient,  low-cost, and non-poisonous. In accordance to Dr. John Diamond, M.D,  “A research of above 10,000 people shows clearly that chemo’s supposedly robust keep track of document with Hodgkin’s condition (lymphoma) is actually a lie. Clients who underwent chemo had been 14 moments a lot more most likely to acquire leukemia and 6 periods a lot more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and delicate tissues than people sufferers who did not endure chemotherapy.”

As described by the now deceased Dr. Glenn Warner, a certified cancer professional,  “We have a multi-billion greenback marketplace that is killing people today, ideal and left, just for money attain. Their concept of study is to see no matter if two doses of this poison is greater than a few doses of that poison.”


Serious raw honey functions as an efficient anti-cancer agent, generally owing to its flavonoid content material. Flavonoids are strong anti-oxidants which maximize the antioxidant cell ranges in the human body when ingested and “decrease capillary permeability and fragility. They scavenge oxidants and inhibit the destruction of collagen in the entire body.”

This animal has eyes behind its heads?

As you could presently suppose, Significant Pharma is fully conscious of honey`s means to increase immunity and kill of absolutely free radicals.  As a issue of truth, it is now doing work on producing and patenting synthetic versions of the flora-flavones located in honey.

In accordance to a analyze printed in the journal, “Effects of Honey and Its Mechanisms of Action on the Development and Progression of Cancer”,

“Honey is remarkably cytotoxic in opposition to tumor or most cancers cells when it is non-cytotoxic to regular cells. The data suggest that honey can inhibit carcinogenesis by modulating the molecular procedures of initiation, marketing, and progression stages. As a result, it could provide as a prospective and promising anticancer agent which warrants even further experimental and medical studies.”

MECHANISMS Powering HONEY’S ANTI-Most cancers Houses

  1. Cell Cycle Arrest

This term refers to the process that halts development of most cancers cells.

  1. Activation of the Mitochondrial Pathway

Flavonoids have the means to activate mitochondrial pathway as nicely as to get rid of potential cytotoxic agents, these types of as cytochrome C.

  1. Induction of Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Permeabilization (MOMP)

Honey qualified prospects to induction of MOMP which in turn will cause dying of carcinogenic cells.

  1. Induction of Programmed Cell Demise (Apoptosis)

Honey performs as a potent anti-most cancers agent by activating “cell dying programming”.

  1. Modulation of Oxidative Worry

Offered that it acts as a potent antioxidant, honey minimizes oxidative anxiety which has been linked with cancer development.

  1. Amelioration of Swelling

Getting an anti-inflammatory agent, honey cuts down continual swelling which has been joined to most cancers growth.

  1. Modulation of Insulin Signaling

Most cancers has been linked with insulin resistance.  Hence, honey lowers cancer possibility as it minimizes insulin resistance.

  1. Inhibition of Angiogenesis

Simply put, angiogenesis is the manufacturing of new blood vessels.  Inhibiting angiogenesis is just one of the things that make honey powerful at stopping tumors from developing their very own blood provide.

Reports Confirm CINNAMON KILLS Most cancers CELLS

According to a 2005 research posted by researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Maryland, cinnamon offers lots of overall health gains and is even able of killing off cancer cells. For the function of this analyze, the scientists employed a water-soluble extract of cinnamon bark which was administered into presently increasing cancer mobile society. Scientists commonly use mobile traces which are both precise most cancers cells or created by way of radiation or viruses.


The scientists utilized a few sorts of human cancer cells for the purpose of this analyze, each of which have been leukemia and a person lymphoma cell line.  Leukemia is proliferation of malignant blood cells when lymphoma is the malignant assault of lymphocytes. The goal of the study was to see regardless of whether cinnamon extract allows quit the development of most cancers cells in vitro.

THE Final results

–  Cinnamon extract drastically diminished the proliferation charge of all kind of cancer cells within just 24 several hours

–  It was uncovered that the increased the dose, the bigger the reduction.

– The maximum concentration of cinnamon extract led to 50 percent reduction in cell proliferation when as opposed to the manage group.

Additional CINNAMON Reports

In accordance to a 2009 Pub Med Review, “Cinnamon oil is a rather productive in the treatment of Tumors, Gastric Cancers and Melanomas.”

As concluded by a 2010 analyze, Cinnamon extract potently inhibited various tumor cell growths in vitro and suppressed in vivo melanoma development. Anti-most cancers influence of cinnamon extract is mediated by apoptosis induction and blockade of NF?B and AP1. Consequently, cinnamon extract could direct to development of strong anti-tumor agent or complementary and choice medicines for the treatment method of varied cancers.”


The honey and cinnamon protocol for stage IV cancers is outlined as an incredibly powerful cancer protocol by the Most cancers Tutor, a responsible healing protocol out there on the Web.

Below you have an excerpt from the Cancer Tutor:

Whilst honey by alone has cured most cancers, honey put together with other microbe-killing substances should really be even more effective!!

In this part of the protocol are a few protocols that include things like honey. Mix a single teaspoon of honey with just one teaspoon of the spice, up to six times a working day. Every single one particular of these should start out at a 1:1 ratio. It has plenty of place for taste adjustment:

1) Honey and turmeric or honey and curcumin (every single other working day just take it six situations a working day, alternate with ginger) (also anti-tumor),

2) Honey and ginger (each individual other day just take it 6 times a working day, alternate with turmeric) (also anti-tumor),

3) Honey and cinnamon (each individual day – how typically is up to the affected individual).

“Honey and turmeric” and “honey and ginger” are taken on alternating days.

All three of these items can destroy the microbes that cause cancer which exist within of the cancer cells.

With regards to the honey, the darker the superior.

Hopefully, the cinnamon will come from Viet Nam, in which they have the greatest share of cinnamon oil.

It is exceptionally critical to comprehend all the specifics close to this very simple protocol prior to starting treatment method.

Be aware: Use only authentic raw, unfiltered honey and organic, non-irradiated cinnamon.

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