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Chinese Mall Have Invented Husband Pods

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Chinese Can Understand Wife’s Pain Points – Leave Your Husband Here and You Can Go For Shopping.

This Chinese mall is testing Husband Pods where you can leave your husband while you shop.

Now there will be no more bored husbands or boyfriends at the mall, because this Chinese mall came up with the best idea!

We all know that women like to check every store in the mall, sometimes twice, in order to find something they like, and if they are with their husbands this could be bad.

I’ve witnessed many fights between husbands and wives just because the husbands got bored waiting for the wives to finish shopping. That’s why I kind of love the Chinese mall’s idea of these gaming pods.

Now the women can go do their shopping while the husbands are enjoying a good game.

The Global Harbour mall in Shanghai is testing the gaming pods, meant to keep the husbands busy while they wait for the significant others to finish shopping.

What is the key of a happy husband?

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Called the ‘husband pods’ or ‘Private Lounge’ the booths invite the player into a clear enclosure to play video games while sited on a plush chair.

Research showed that men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping, which is why someone had to create these booths at some point.

Testing the four pods for month, the mall already thinks they found the cure of husband’s boredom.

What do people had to say?

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TimeOdd Chinese mall

While the mall received many positive opinions, some believed that the gaming pod concept is pretty sexist.

“Well my boyfriend often asks me to accompany him for shopping trips,” said one user on Weibo.

“I’m a girl and I want to go in to play too,” another added. “I don’t like shopping but my husband enjoys it…guess I know what I’ll be doing next time he shops,” one commented.

While, others also had mixed reviews.

“I’m going to accompany my girlfriend to the mall every day,” one user said, in support.

These transparent self-service pods equipped with a TV screen, a keyboard and game consoles, are perfect for everyone.

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