Human Life Do’s and Don’ts of Happiness and communication

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Human Life Do’s and Don’ts of Happiness and communication

The Dos

•Speak slowly so your loved one has time to process what you are saying.
•Always remind the individual who you are, in case they have forgotten.
•Call your loved one, and other people you are talking about by name.
•Keep your messages short, simple and to the point.
•Use repetition as much as you need.
•Put yourself in a position where the individual can see your face and read your body language.
•Use questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no.”
•Talk to your loved one in an environment with minimal distractions.

 DO maintain your accounts. Update daily, if possible. (But DON’T update so much that your posts become white noise.)
DO share articles, videos, blog posts and other content that people in your target industry, or at your target organization(s), will find useful.

 DO promote yourself. Share your accomplishments, articles you’ve written, professional challenges you’ve overcome, etc. (But DON’T come across as a braggart. It’s a fine line.)

DO engage your peers, both current and future. Ask and answer questions, join conversations and groups, comment on others’ updates, retweet, etc.

DO remember whom you are “talking” to. On Facebook, for example, you are sharing information with everyone that you have added as a friend. On Twitter you are sharing information with everyone… period. Twitter is a public network.

DO check – and be sure you completely understand – privacy settings.

DO present yourself with consistency. “Ensure your LinkedIn profile, Twitter bio and Facebook page show the same job histories and expertise,” said Nicholas E. Kinports of innovation agency Maddock Douglas. “Cross-check against your printed resume and personal [business] card[s] – do all materials tell the same story?”

DO “network in fertile soil,” said Dale Kramer Cohen, co-founder of IvyLife, a business networking community for Ivy League-affiliated professionals. That is, make sure you are interacting in trusted communities.

 The Don’ts

•Never get frustrated with your loved one when talking to them.
•Don’t talk to seniors with Alzheimer’s as if they are children.
•Don’t use the phrase “try to remember” or any similar term suggesting they should remember something.
•Do not talk in paragraphs.
•Don’t try to challenge your loved one into remembering something.
•Do not point out when your loved one struggles to remember something.
•Never use lots of pronouns, it can become confusing.
•Don’t use sarcasm or irony.
•Don’t use slang.
•Do not talk about the individual as if they aren’t there.

DON’T share too much information (TMI), especially information of a personal nature.

TimeOdd Stories - Happiness

DON’T neglect to proofread your social media posts as carefully as you would your resume. “Just as it is important to have a resume free of errors, the same is true of any public writing that an employer may see,” said Chris Laggini, vice-president of human resources for DLT Solutions, a value-added reseller of IT products and services. “Do your wall posts on Facebook consistently have spelling errors? The recruiter may see that as carelessness or illiteracy.”

DON’T forget that people may have a different sense of humor. “What you may think is funny may sound obnoxious to others,” said Karina Goldrajch, CMO and co-founder of GenMobi Technologies.

TimeOdd Stories - Happiness

Some of these communication tips can seem fairly obvious and straight forward. However, tips like these can go a really long way in helping any senior and their loved ones communicate more efficiently. It is important to remember that communication is a two way street. Just as your loved one has had to change the way they communicate due to their illness, you will also need to change the way that you communicate, due to their illness.

The more straightforward you can be when communicating with an individual with Alzheimer’s the better off you will be. It may take time to adjust to your new communication style and there may be times when you are overwhelmed or frustrated, but in the end, really working on your technique can make a great deal of difference in your quality of life and your loved one’s quality of life as well.

Life is an ideological dispute. A dispute between materialism and values and ethics. This dispute has led mankind to misdirect and misjudge life. It has made life untidy, helpless and lost. The material world is slowly overshadowing all finer values of life. Mankind is forced to think and believe that material world is the only real and ideal world.

Science & Technology and Industrialisation have unleashed the demonical powers of the material world which have engulfed and possessed mankind. These powers have provided mankind with numerous ‘Adult Toys’. These adult toys provide mankind with various unnecessary but enjoyable features of life. They have made human life pleasurable and brought joy to mankind.

The palatial bungalows painted colourfully with all the noise and activities of air coolers, geysers, ovens, cars, the humming computers, blaring sound systems, screaming TVs, jangling phones accompanied with all the socialising, feasting and drinking spree have made human life more and more materialistic and miserable. Science and technology with all the safety measures has made life secure and egocentric and has released every animal instinct and passion in human beings. Man has let loose his eyes, ears, tongue and hands to seek pleasure to his physical senses. He loves words inciting passion, seeing exciting websites, tasting stimulating things and touching thrilling objects. It has made life demanding and grabbing, bitter and quarrelsome and full of vengeance and retaliation.

Materalism has overshadowed all values and made life a mad pursuit of worldly pleasures, better and palatial houses, tastier food and accumulation of wealth has become the one and the only yardstick of success. Clear and pure ideas are missing from thought process. Creative and innovative ideas are thrown to the wind. Restraining forces of ethics, morals and values no longer govern life. There is total disrespect for constructive thought process. To feel and strive to be regal is all that matters.

It is a clinging madness, a madness dominated, ruled and governed by one’s own feelings and opinions, traditions and faith. Life has become an utter madness promoting one’s own special individual interest, turning life into a competition between me and mine, a madness letting die its purpose for living, while still living, a madness hard to understand, difficult to solve and impossible to influence and direct, words are powerless to explain this clinging madness. With life’s purpose forgotten, it is turning into a tragedy and life is becoming hell. Slowly and steadily, unknowingly and ignorantly life is moving towards decay, nevertheless, the belief that life is full of inexplicable events hidden from human knowledge and belief is absolute absurdity.

Life is a choice, few who make a wise choice, truly rejoice. These are people who deeply want achievements of their desires, who are existing in reality and fact, who develop and improve their own life and lives of others too. They wish to make life better every moment of its existence lessening pain and irritation in others, deepening bonds with people they value most. These are people who exist to make some valuable contribution that matters to others, who wish to enable others to move forward with greater vision, farsightedness and ultimate goals, those who live for something much more than mere life, always thinking, living and existing with new ideas, new visions and new horizons.

For such individuals, life is a daily experience of union with universal phenomena and laws. For them, life is a constant creative process forever thinking of innovating and creating a better way to live, with happiness throughout and a triumphant end. For them, life is a choice between all the unworthy occupations clamouring for attention and values.

A meaningful play

For them life is a meaningful play – a serious and important play doing small acts of decency and kindness, doing them sincerely and seriously, knowingly and joyfully and thereby adding happiness to life. All this adds up to something truly great over the course of their lifetime and meaning to life. Their acts of bringing peace and harmony in daily family life become more important than experiments in space science. These are people who accept life just as it is and keep on improving it to the brim.

To realize feelings of great happiness in life, one should end the ideological dispute in one’s life, choose values against the world or materialism and realise freedom from all worldly materialistic attachments. One should stop believing in universal preaching that only the materialistic world is a reality, showing excessive interest in avarice for money and possessions and try to understand why life is gifted to us.

In all the hard and cruel moments of life laced with danger, pain for sufferings, one should show stubborn independence to the surrounding environment. One should keep away from every rubbish thought process, rule out any body’s rubbish help, find happiness in endurance, tolerance, perseverance and self-control. One must give up everything that lacks firmness and strictness.

One should quietly meditate, go deeper into one’s own thoughts, be in control of all senses at all times and at all places in one’s thinking, working and speaking and writing.

‘Like begets like,’ this unchanging law works always in each individual’s life and the quality and character of thoughts shape one’s life.

This law of nature and life can never be altered and if followed scrupulously, it never fails an individual.

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