Experience the Most Expensive Macarons At St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

Would you like to try the most expensive macarons? Turns out that St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in partnership with Lalique released the priciest macarons.

The $10,000 macarons are part of a series of guest experiences made possible by the partnership of the two companies.

Called the Crystal Macaron, desert made with white tea and decorated with edible gold leaf, rests on a cushion of sugar crystals.

The price of the Crystal Macaron is exactly as the hotel’s address, 9703 Collins Avenue, hence the $9,703 price tag.

Sounds promising already, doesn’t it? You can experience the taste of one of the priciest deserts on Earth. Would you want to?

However, there is a catch. The macarons are only available together with an overnight stay at one of the hotel’s new four-bedroom Sky Palace Suites.

The macarons decorated with edible gold leaf are not something anybody could experience, as you might have noticed.

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On of St. Regis new four-bedroom Sky Palace Suites could house up to eight guests, so your friends could experience this with you as well.

The suits feature four 210 square-foot balconies from where you can see the Atlantic Ocean. There is also a complimentary butler, to help you with everything you need.

Good thing is that St. Regis and Lalique aren’t going to stop after this. They are planning a collaborative cocktail program, which consists of three signature drinks served in Lalique stemware.

TimeOdd Stories - Regis Bal

For each cocktail you are going to pay $200. Included in the price is the fact that you can take the flute, glass or coupe home once you are done.

In the hotel’s future plans are a couple more things like engraving each coupe with the names of their regular guests. So the guests could keep their glasses at bar for exclusive use and even after they return.

What kinds of drinks are available?

Exclusive guests could sip from the signature drink menu that includes the Muses cocktail. The Muses is from gin, fresh lemon, chamomile, honey and raspberry, among other things.

There is also another one, Eternal, a gin, elderflower and grapefruit concoction. The last one of the series is a Hennessy, made of calvados, amaro, hibiscus, and angostura bitters, called Sensory Awareness.

You will be able to enjoy the almost $10,000 macaron and the $200 per glass cocktail program only available during the last of the hotel’s super-luxurious offerings.

There, the kitchen creates a tailored menu for an intimate dinner party with pairings at a private meal served in the hotel wine vault.

Are you going to make reservations?

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