Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shares His ‘Ultimate Workout’ On Youtube

TimeOdd Stories - Ultimate Workout

All of us are no strangers to the fact that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is built like a brick shithouse. He’s the epitome of everything you want to be, but everything you can’t be arsed to be. Dwayne Johnson Shares His Ultimate Workout On Youtube

He has the money, the cars, the popularity, the looks (he doesn’t have the hair but that’s a small price to pay) and the body.

The first thing everyone wants is the massive arms, the chiselled chest and abs, and the humongous legs. Unfortunately this can’t be gained while sitting on the couch watching things like Pain and Gain and shoving multiple beers down your throat.

 This guy tried to adhere to Dwayne’s eating and training regime. It wasn’t easy, nor was it cheap.

Mark Webster, AKA “nycballer” on Reddit, who recorded his workout journey online, isn’t interested in getting as hench as The Rock, though. He just wants to prove to himself and everyone else that normal people can follow the schedule as well.

After scrutinising the movie star’s nutrition and workout regime in an interview for Muscle And Fitness, Mark got down to work.

Here were the results after a month…TimeOdd Stories - Ultimate Workout

“It’s costing me about $42 per day,” he said on Reddit. “Putting this whole experiment at a monthly budget of almost $1,300. It’s mostly the cod that gets you, that alone is $18 per day.”

Look at this food prep:

TimeOdd Stories - Ultimate Workout

The Rock has even responded to it on his Twitter.

Mark seems to be making tracks. You can see the regime in full here. Or check out The Rock’s diet at the top of the page.

As Mark says, he didn’t do it to become The Rock number II, he just wanted to see what it was like, and if regular people could do it.

Basically he found that, yes, you can, but you have to have money to burn and be willing to dedicate yourself to some hard graft.

Obviously, it’s not just something The Rock once did as a project – he lives and breathes the gym.

He often takes to Instagram to upload himself pumping iron, or shares his alarms on Twitter to show that sleep is for the weak and that 4am cardio sessions are necessary.

To fuel further proof into him being a God amongst men, he’s uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of his ‘Ultimate Workout’.

In the full video he demonstrates the importance of warming up, going through planks, using cables and stretching.

He then moves onto the type of stuff that makes you tired just watching it.

There are weights that are obviously big but he makes them look like they should belong in a child’s gym, given his huge stature. At the end, drenched in sweat, he looks defeated, proving that he is indeed human.

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