CBS Sued by Widow of Staff Who Died All through Car-Erotic Act

CBS Sued by Widow of Employee Who Died During Auto-Erotic Act

The widow of a CBS engineer who died unintentionally from hanging in the course of an automobile-erotic act is suing the network, which denied her lifetime insurance coverage declare.

Deborah Conradi statements in a new lawsuit, her husband Lawrence LaFave was in Tarentum, PA in June, 2016, when he was found dead in the closet of his hotel room … the end result of hanging while doing an car-erotic act. He was located in a partial kneeling position and “hanging from a wire closet shelf in his resort home by a scarf. He was wearing a slip, bra, women’s underwear and pantyhose.

The medical examiner ruled the dying as accidental … the final result of asphyxiation.

Turns out the CBS daily life insurance plan policy, penned by AIG, now has a particular exclusion for vehicle-eroticism. AIG sent a letter to Deborah, which reads in portion, “These actions, which carried the risk of dying by hanging, would not represent an unanticipated incident that resulted in his death, as demanded by our plan. Fairly, they would suggest loss of life resulted in who or in portion from … a normal and likely consequence of intentionally self-inflicted harm, exclusively excluded less than this plan.”

Deborah plainly begs to vary, insisting her husband’s demise was accidental.

Deborah is suing CBS and AIG for $1,400,000 in daily life insurance policies rewards, as properly as punitive damages.

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