Architects created a layout that would not only maximize the lot’s unique shape

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Kamiuma House is a minimalist residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Architects CHOP + ARCHI. The home is situated within a dense residential neighborhood and is characterized by its triangular geometry that is formed by two roads meeting at a sharp angle. The clients, a couple and their daughter, wanted a home that would balance privacy with an intimate connection to the surrounding environment.

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The architects wanted to create a layout that would not only maximize the lot’s unique shape, but also take into consideration environmental elements such as natural light and airflow. Although the location is open, many surrounding residences face towards it, which inevitably creates a feeling of visual pressure. The solution was to create three voids that would serve as intermediary spaces between the inside and outside – gently connecting the surrounding environment whilst maintaining privacy.

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Due to the fact that buildings situated on triangular lots tend to include dead space, the architects decided to place the exterior voids at each of the home’s acute angles. Not only does this allow the structure to occupy the entire lot, but also provides the interior rooms with a softer shape. The three voids modulate relationships between elements of the interior and exterior. As a result, this modulation enables just the right degree of interaction, and ultimately, leads to a harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment.

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