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This animal has eyes behind its heads?

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Our world is full of mysteries, but after living for so long, we have unveiled many crazy facts that talk about our surroundings. Here are a few of those facts. I personally am super surprised to know about the 6th one!. It is believed that human hair and nail continue to grow after death. So now we know why the ghosts animal in movies (and the one standing behind you) has long nails.

The cornea of our eyes takes oxygen directly from the air instead of absorbing it from our blood like the rest of the body.

Ever heard of an animal with eyes behind their head? Rabbits and Parrots can actually see behind itself without moving its head.

The titanic is actually the first ship ever to have sent an SOS signal. Also, even though it took 7 million dollars to make the ship, it took 200 million dollars to make the movie.

Have you ever noticed or had a slip of tongue where you switch the letters of a word? Well, that has word for itself and it is called “spoonerism”. (like ‘you have very mad banners for ‘you have very bad manners’)

The lion in the MGM logo (the lion in the beginning of tom and jerry), actually has a name and is called Volney. Well, no one technically calls him though. (Volney is such a cute name!)

Sneezing kills your brain cells. That’s right every time you sneeze, a few of your brain cells die.

Except for the owl, all birds raise their lower lid to blink. The owl is the only bird that drops its upper lid like us.

TimeOdd Stories - AnimalThe pupil of our eyes expands up to 45% when we look at something pleasing

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